Frequency Consulting was formed in June 2008 to provide strategic direction for business owners and entrepreneurs across Australia.

The top end of town has access to all kinds of resources and agencies that help grow business, but for start-ups and others with limited capital it can be a really hard slog. Normally success is only achieved through trial and error with little to no strategic direction from the outset. Having dealt with global giants in news media and the automotive category, Frequency Consulting is able to bring ‘top end of town’ knowledge and strategic direction to your business for a fraction of big business investment.

Frequency Consulting understands the business landscape, and aims to level the playing field by creating a system for your business to thrive in the existing environment. We also take the view there is more to life than work, and one of our aims is to bring about a sense of balance to what you do in and out of the workplace.

Michael Breen – Strategy Consultant

Michael Breen is a strategy consultant, specialising in the digital economy and life coaching. He has over 20 years experience in digital and media. Michael has worked with some of Australia’s leading publishers, and played a part in the launch of one of the world’s largest social networks here in Sydney. As a Life Coach, Michael has assisted many people to best utilise their natural born skills and talents to become more successful in life. He is also the publisher of Karmic Ecology – a website focusing on balance of mind, body and spirit – and has written on many topics. He can provide you with strategic direction designed to maintain successful momentum.

Strategic Direction Network

Frequency Consulting works with a network of Australia’s leading digital, business and personal development minds. Together we can define, create and implement a strategy for you to succeed in all walks of life. The Strategic Direction Network’s portfolio of expertise is wide ranging and can fulfill any project – regardless of scope. Whatever you are doing, Frequency Consulting will help you do it better