Welcome to Frequency Consulting

Frequency Consulting is a Sydney Internet marketing services provider. We provide professional services for business and coaching for individuals and groups wanting to achieve success.

We cater to to businesses at varying stages of growth but have proven success with:

  • Bricks and mortar business owners who have made the decision to dive into the Internet
  • Startup business entrepreneurs who know what it takes to be successful
  • SME business owners looking to scale
  • Corporate giants focused on conversion optimisation
  • Global media organisations focused on commercialisation

If you are any one of these (or anywhere in between) we can help.

Call now for a free no obligation chat – 1300 097 916.

Internet marketing services

  • Digital strategy and execution across all web-based platforms
  • Search marketing – SEO/SEM
  • Social media marketing
  • Project management & website development
  • Professional services to SMEs and digital publishers

More on Internet marketing services

Life coaching services

  • Life coaching services for individuals
  • Team Coaching for groups
  • Digital Coaching for business to succeed online
  • Strategic mapping to get you where you want to be
  • Ongoing support to help when you need it most

More info on Life Coaching.

Our focus is to help you leverage off existing strengths to succeed.

Our approach

We take a scientific process to problem solving the detail while maintaining an intuitive approach for the bigger picture. We’ll  help streamline your processes to ensure whatever you’re working on is operating at its optimum level.

Our three-step approach to problem solving will help overcome the big challenges. Here’s what we do:

  1. Break down the problem,
  2. Identify the root cause
  3. Apply the solution

Overcoming these challenges clears the path, and enables you to focus on the ultimate objective. This is true for Internet marketing services, coaching, or anything else for that matter Call now to discuss how we can help achieve successful outcomes for you and your business.